MAKING heat substations

We produce substations of different capacities as a complete product to the self-supporting structure and can be delivered to the requested address of the end user. They can be produced in a wide range of dimensions. Final connections substations are custom connections selected plate heat exchangers and substations orientation is dictated by the city hot water connection. If necessary, the primary side of the substation associated with the hot water connection.

Before delivery test is performed on the installation test pressure (p = isp 1.5xPN) with the development of the minutes, and the supporting technical documents. The operation of our products we provide full warranty and service a year.

The work of our substations is fully automated and adapted to the required conditions, and is based on the application of intelligent electronic controllers and programming card. Equipment is selected so that it can provide greater durability of the system.

Our substation enabling precise measurement and control of heat. The substation is envisaged mandatory installation of heat meters and a device for communication and remote data transmission as an option.