The use of solar systems in our case means the use of solar energy in solar thermal systems for domestic hot water heating and reheating heaters in rooms where we live and work. Solar system comprising: solar collectors, the buffer tank (boiler), the control panel with the pump and expansion vessel, and the system of pipes, various valves, taps and the insulation material.
The solar system can build on your existing heating system, whether it runs on gas, electric or solid fuel (or even if it is combined). At the end of the installation, all in a single whole, each part of the whole can work independently, as well as the addition of a solar system.
Thus, the addition of the solar system to your heating system you just add another solution for the efficient functioning of your system with a lot of savings in the household budget.
Take what you offer sun and that will be achieved by installing a solar system in your living space. The ideal solution for large consumers of hot water, such as a car wash, motels, hotels, slaughterhouses, swimming pools …