The building of 10 000 m2 -Production of cables for the automotive industry


Design and execute the installation of radiator heating of office space,

fan-heating production facilities, fan-heating of warehouses of raw materials and finished products. Making gas boiler thermal power 1MW. Flow temperature radiator heating based on the outside temperature and the set heating curve. Heating and cooling of office space VRF. Ventilation ceiling office space ventilation distribution chamber and a ventilation duct. Creating a system of emulsion and timing of the pipeline izdrađenog of PVC in plastic. Making the cooling machine system with connection to the cooling towers of pipelines in the production plant, made of PVC in plastics. Creating Timing of nitrogen on spinner copper wire. Creating a system of local dusting production machine. Cooling the production space and production distribution network system of ventilation ducts roof-top. Creating a system of cooling production space evaporative coolers.


 Company Coficab
Date Novembar – Decembar 2016
Area 10.000 m2